creative/art direction & creative consultancy

current: creative lead at adidas global brand design exploring the intersection of sport, culture and technology with a team of talented in-house creatives and freelancers.

for a sample of work, inquiries and opportunities email or DM.

Donnie de Meijer is a creative and art director with a community first focus driving work forward and creating bespoke pieces of content that drive brand and cultural values. With a strong background in design each piece is considered and the entirety of the communication is treated with love.

After years of growing up in the Caribbean, at the age of 12 I came back to Amsterdam and found myself, funnily enough, experiencing a culture shock towards the culture and the city that I supposedly belonged to. I did not know how to reconcile the culture that was majorly me (Dutch), with the culture that was partly me (Indonesian) to the culture that I spent my formative years in (Caribbean). I had several cultural norms programmed into me. This as a result makes me very aware and appreciative of cultural differences.